API Schmidt

Our strategic goal is to be the leader in heat exchange technology. Together with our American partners, through the exchange of information and through many years of experience with a variety of heat exchanger systems, we are developing in-depth knowledge of a wide range of heat exchanger product segments. API Schmidt-Bretten, our suppliers and associates around the world, work in close contact with our customers to give them the best possible service.


- Universal Plates
- The SIGMAFIT distinguish itself with a computer based optimized residence time distribution. Thereby this line of products can be used without any restrictions to be used in applications, which require a homogeneous dwell time profile.

SIGMA X-Series

- High Performance Plates
- The X-series mainly demonstrates it’s advantages where the temperature differences between the cold and the hot products are very tight. The small material thickness of the X-series heat transfer plates reduces the heat transfer resistance additionally and leads to extremely high over all heat transfer coefficients.

SIGMA F-Series

- Pasteurisation Plates
- The corrugation pattern of the F-series shows free-flow sections which avoid blocking of the flow channels by solids or fibres. However the design of the plates allows a robust operation mode of the plate heat exchangers.

SIGMA T-Series

- Plates for viscous flows
- Due to the wider flow channel geometry solids of bigger diameters can easily flow through the T-series plates. Also applications which require very low pressure losses can be covered by these plate types.


- Double-Wall Plates
- We designed the SIGMATWIN double-wall plate to achieve the specific demands for a heat exchanger plate as a safety plate.


- SIGMAWIG plate heat exchangers are available in different sizes.
- The fact that the units are welded without filler metals, gives them a benefit regarding corrosion resistance. Available plate materials beside the standard stainless steel qualities AISI 904L and titanium are available as well. The design of the gasket free SIGMAWIG welded heat exchanger broadens the classic range of operations for plate heat exchangers regarding operational safety, operational pressure, temperatures, leak-tightness and durability.


- Exchanger for thermal treatment of liquids, vapour and gas.
- SIGMASHELLLaser-welded plate heat exchanger for thermal treatment of liquids, vapour and gas. Heat transfer surface up to 700 m2 per unit. Applicable in all industrial sectors like chemical & petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, renewable energies, bio energy, power generation, pulp & paper, steel mills and coking plants.